Types of Kurti Fabric ?

Although kurtis come in a choice of multiple fabrics ranging from (but not limited to) cotton, linen, silk etc. But the main focus here is to adhere to the demands of the market, the most prominent of which is being 'weather friendly' so that the fabric is not discomforting to the skin. For example in summers, particularly in the scorching heat of northern and central India, the main requisite is to provide clothes that are comfortable as well as stylish. To combat the heat, the preferred fabric for kurtis in such areas is cotton, silk, or blended cotton materials such as Bateek, Flannel,Gabardine, Genplaid and Herringbone. Apart from these, other non-conventional but relevant choices are Plain weaved and Mercerised cotton. On the other hand, during winters, one would prefer using thick fabrics like Wool, Khadi silk which is a coarse hand spun and handowoven variety of silk. Linen and linen-cotton blend is also a popular choice, along with other polymerised fabrics.

Different Fabric Types Kurti

  • Cotton Kurtis
  • Rayon Kurtis
  • Georgette Kurtis
  • Net Kurtis